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  • 3D Flying Easter Eggs - Watch as a basketfull of decorated 3D eggs float across your screen rhythmically. Freeware download care of Acez Software. (Win 9x/Me/NT)
  • Easter Pogo - A contagiously fun novelty screensaver featuring an Easter Bunny riding a pogo stick. (Win 98/2000/Me/XP, Flash)
  • Easter Candy - Looking for an equally-sweet break from chocolate eggs? Then indulge your senses with this calorie-free candy screensaver. (Win 9x/Me/NT)
  • Easter Greetings - An inspirational Christian-themed screensaver designed to work on both Mac and PC systems. (Win 9x/Me/NT, Mac OS 7+)
  • The Easter Story - This screensaver tells the true story of the Easter season: The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.. After all, he is the reason for the season, as they say. (Win 98/2000/Me/XP, Flash)
  • Looney Tunes Easter - A slideshow of colorful wallpapers featuring your favorite Warner Bros cartoon characters, each enjoying Easter in its own way. (Win 9x/NT)
  • The Spirit of Easter - This screensaver depicts the true spirit of the Easter season. (Win 98/2000/Me/XP, Flash)
  • Easter Angels - This Screen Saver has multiple, beautifully framed Victorian style pictures of Angels, which move around your screen at random, with different visual effects, all on a beautiful background! This totally free download brought to you by Reb. (Win 9x/Me/NT)
  • Easter Clips - A window shade-effect screensaver that features cartoony images of Peter Cottontail, along with hoppity clips. (Win 9x/Me/NT)
  • Red Easter - Red Easter is a simple screen saver that features floating animations across a high-quality background that depicts a cloudy sky at dusk or dawn. Planets, stars, hearts, a throne, and several representations of Jesus are among the animations overlaid on the attractive background image. The display is accompanied by a pleasant MIDI-based soundtrack. Freeware. (Win 9x/Me/NT)
  • Easter Egg Hunt - A light-hearted portrayal of the fun that can he had during an early morning Easter egg hunt. (Win 98/2000/Me/XP, Flash)
  • Easter Parade - The Easter Parade Screen Saver sequences 30 slides that feature traditional, non-religious Easter imagery. You'll see Easter bonnets, eggs, bunnies, candy, lambs, and more. Shareware. (Win 9x/Me/NT)
  • John 3:16 - A moving animated portrayal of Christ's crucifixion, complemented by a series of inspirational and thought-provoking phrases that highlight the meaning behind his sacrifice. Shareware by Mr Goose. (Win 9x/Me/NT)


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